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MOTM 480R Construction
"Dual Cascaded State-Variable Filter"
Page 3 - Connections

This is the 480R front panel which accommodates the RB and DFA mods -  additional jacks, and control knobs.

February 2008, February 2010, April 2010

This is Page 3 of our MOTM 480R construction documentation.

Table of Contents

This documentation has become so long that we've broken it into  separate pages and sections within them.  Here's a table of contents that we hope will make it easier to traverse them:

Beginning and End

Background - presents an explanation and Paul Schrieber's initial description of the Module.

Modifications - presents details of Scott Juskiw's Modification and Daughterboard

Parts - presents a Bill of Materials and notes about it

Panel - presents the MOTM format panel

Set up / Testing

Use notes

Construction Page

MUUB4 Daughterboard Construction

Construction Phase 1 - Resistors, Capacitors, IC Sockets, Power Plugs, MTA headers

Construction Phase 2 - Trimmers, Switches, Wires, Transistors, Tempcos

Mount PCBs, Prepare Panels

Panel Connections (This Page)

2.0 Build Connections

"Kit" Build Connections

Panel Connections - 2.0 Build

We did the panel connections for the builds one at a time beginning with the 2.0 implementation

1. Filter B - LP jack

2. Filter B - Frequency, Resonance, FM pots

3. Filter B - 1V/Oct, FM, RES jacks

we put a 3 x 5 card under the jacks to make it easier to see

4. Filter A - BP jacks

5. Filter A - Frequency, Resonance, FM pots

6. Filter A - 1V/Oct, FM, RES jacks

the tip lug of the FM jack goes directly to the wiper of the FM pot

7. Input jacks & pots - B inputs from the switch

we prepared the wires

the shank lugs are for the coax shields and wire together then to the ground pad at J5 on the PCB - the tip lugs get the coax signal wires

the Filter B coax signal wires go to the pot CW lugs - the pot wiper and CCW lugs go to the switch coax signal and shield wires respectively - the CCW lugs wire together and to the ground pad of J6 on the PCB.

so far

and the A Input pots

8. R68 right hole

9. R68 left hole (Daughterboard JA1 and Switch)

Please note that the connections to R68 left hole should be wire ___ (the red one - to the bottom-right lug of the switch) and the coax to the Daughter Board JA1.

10. R25 left hole (Switch)

The green wire from the switch bottom-left lug goes to R25 left hole.

11. Daughterboard - JB1 to R55

JB1 to R55 bottom side

12. Daughterboard - JC1 & JD1

JC1 to R40 left side & JD1 to R50 right side


Panel Connections - "Kit" Build

Then we tackled the "kit" build.

1. Filter B - LP jack

2. Filter B - Frequency, Resonance, FM pots

3. Filter B - 1V/Oct, FM, RES jacks

4. Filter A - BP jacks

5. Install Switch

6. Filter A - Frequency, Resonance, FM pots

7. Filter A - 1V/Oct, FM, RES jacks

8. Input Jacks' Coax Signal to Pots CW (Lug 3)

9. Input Pots Wiper (Lug 2), and Ground

10. R68 & R25

11. Daughterboard PCB Connections



Set up / Testing

Use Notes


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