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During the construction of the 120 "Sub-Octave Multiplexer," Richard Brewster gave us the following advice:

"You struggled with how to hook the coax into the small MTA-100 connector. I *always* solder these. They have a press-fit design that takes insulated wire of the correct size (the MOTM power cables are a good example). But unless you have the right tool, you may not get a good electrical connection. Just jamming the wire in leaves the way open for oxidation and loosening. Soldering is advisable, but a little tricky. I use a small plastic vise to hold the connector and do one wire at a time. You need a fine pointed soldering tip, preferably on a temperature-controlled iron. You can make a good solder joint without melting the plastic connector (maybe singeing it a little, which does no harm -- I have never ruined one). Then you have a good electrical connection. Solderless connectors are OK, but only when they are fitted to wires with the proper tools."

Well - we got that special little AMP tool from Mouser (Mouser part # 571-598031) - and here's how it works using Coax (images from MOTM320 Construction Page):

The AMP tool (Mouser part # 571-598031) made just for the task - here's how it works



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