Bill and Will's Synth Construction
Tellun Industries MUUB4 PCB

Click here to download a powerpoint file with our charts of this pcb. All the images below are hyperlinked to larger, higher-resolution images so if you click on them, the bigger image should load into your browser.

Here are Scott's drawings of the MUUB4 schematics (click on the image for a larger, higher resolution one):

Click here to download the .pdf version.

Here is Scott's drawing of the MUUB4 overlay:

Here's a drawing of the MUUB4 as seen from the top. In this case, we're pretty sure we've captured the exact location of the pads, but even if there are a couple little discrepancies, you can very accurately see where there's a 1/10 in spacing vs a 2/10 in spacing, for instance:

The following drawing illustrates how the traces hook things up.

Ground - Red.

The red lines show the pads that hook up to Ground by way of the top traces.  The dark red lines (there are only a couple dinky ones) show a couple pads connected to ground by way of a trace on the back.

-15V - Yellow

(some traces are on front, some on back)

+15V - Orange

(some traces are on front, some on back)

Other traces on front - Black

Other traces on back - Blue

Top traces:

Bottom traces viewed as if the pcb is transparet:

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