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MOTM 910 Construction
"Cascading Multiple"


We needed four single unit multiples for our Synth.  We bought an old one from one of the fellows on the MOTM list server.  So we needed to make three more.  Although he doesn't offer them online, we bought three panels from Paul.

An alternative would be to buy the panels from Bridechamber - shown above - same idea - slightly different panel graphics.

We looked at how Paul built this old one:

Back view - front view

We diagrammed it:

back view - front view

We got three panels from Paul, a bunch of Switchcraft 112A jacks and a spool of 22ga Bus Bar Wire (part #566-8021) from Mouser.  Paul makes them different these days, but we'll build them this way.




wire ready

The switches and tip lugs

wire threaded

soldered one side

then the other

The shank lugs connected

one side soldered

and the other


Set up / Testing

Use Notes


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