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September 2009 -

We've been waiting for this module's PCB to be back in stock at Music from Outer Space. It finally is and here we go:


Table of Contents

Long page  so here's a table of contents that we hope will make it easier to traverse:

Background - presents an explanation and Ray Wilson's  initial description of the module

Modifications -

Parts - presents a Bill of Materials and notes about it

Panel - presents the MOTM format panel

Construction Phase 1 - Resistors, Capacitors, IC Sockets, Power Plugs, MTA headers

Construction Phase 2 - Trimmers, Panel connections

Set up / Testing

Use notes


Ray Wilson describes the circuit like this:

"This circuit automatically pans your input signal back and forth between the left channel and the right channel of your stereo amplifier. You can set it for ultra low frequency where you barely perceive the change or to faster speeds that simulate Rhodes Piano stereo tremolo or a Leslie Organ speaker. This circuit can be used with synth level signals or with audio sources like guitars, organs, or microphones. You can change the gain of the input buffer very easily by changing the value of one resistor (called out in the circuit description)."


1.  Power Mod.

As indicated on the Schematics, we'll be making the 15V modifications - replacing R1 and R4 with 4.7K and R44 with 62K.

2.  Foot Switch Mod.

We're going to include a jack for a footswitch for the leslie effect - simply N122AX jack in parallel with the toggle switch.

3.  Wave Form Mod.?

We're considering adding a wave-form jack per ""  (This jack is not included in our panel design, below.)


Will and I have developed a parts-list / bill-of-materials in the form of an XL spreadsheet (as usual) based on the BOM provided by Ray on his site. We've used it this parts list to make our Mouser purchases and we are relatively confident in our specifications.

Click here to download our XL spreadsheet Parts List


We developed a Front Panel Express panel (FPD).  Click on the image below to download the FPD file.

Here's how it came from Front Panel Express:

Construction Phase 1

All the stuff in Phase 1 gets soldered using "Organic" Solder.  At every break in the action, we wash the board off to get rid of the flux.


Resistors & Capacitors

IC sockets, Diode, Power Stuff

Via Holes

Construction Phase 2

All the stuff in Phase 2 gets soldered using "No Clean" Solder.


Control Pots

Construction Done

Set up / Testing

Use Notes


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