Bill and Will's Synth Construction
Soldering in a Tempco Resistor
Detail Photos

Early on, we weren't sure how to install a Tempco resistor, so we asked Gino Wong about it:

"Just squeeze the stuff... ("Silicon Grease") there and push the resistor down. Don't undo anything, you may lift a trace or something bad. As long as you have thermal contact, you are fine. There is a lot of latitude in a tempco, just go with it.

"When you put them in do it last because that heat transfer compound gets on everything and never goes away.

"My advice: dress in rags that day.

"Here are some of my adventure pix:"

When we took on the installation of the Tempco in the MOTM300, we wore rags <g> - but it went swimmingly: 

the stuff we needed

easy as cake - piece of pie

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