Bill and Will's Synth Construction
Soldering Coax into Synth Tech PCBs
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During the construction of the 190VCA, we ran across this paragraph in the Paul's user's guide concerning the soldering of coax into the printed circuit boards (this paragraph isn't in the other User Guides):

"There is a 'trick' to attaching the coax to the pc board.   You pull gently on the braid with a pair of pliers from the underside until the coax is lying flat on the board.  The inner conductor is at a 90 degree bend in the top hole.  Then solder the coax  Attach a tie-wrap to secure the coax cable flush to the board.  The tie-wrap goes down into the left hole and up through the right hole.  Secure and trim off any excess.  When properly done, the black outer jacket of the coax is all the way down, resting on the pc board."

And that's how we do it - with a tiny exception that will maybe serve you well too.

Here's how it looks:

first we fit the coax into the right place - center and braided wires

then we solder the center wire in place

so then we grab the braid and gently pull it through the hole

having pulled the braid through until the coax is lying flat on the frontside of the PCB, we give it a little fold-over and then solder it up

so then we strap the coax down and we're done!