Bill of Materials for Analog Synthesizer Modules

Synthesis Technologies

These MOTM Bills of Materials assume some parts come from Synth Tech.  These parts are indicated in the BOMs.

MOTM-101 - Noise / Sample and Hold

MOTM-120 - Sub Octave Multiplexer

MOTM-190 - µVCA

MOTM-300 - Ultra Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

MOTM-310 - Micro Voltage-Controlled Oscillator

MOTM-320 - Voltage-Controlled LFO

MOTM-320R - Voltage-Controlled LFO with Tellun DB 320

MOTM-410 - Triple Resonant Filter

MOTM-420 - MS-20 Voltage-Controlled Filter

MOTM-440 - Discrete OTA Voltage-Controlled Lowpass Filter with VC Resonance

MOTM-480 - CS-80 Resonant Filter

MOTM-480R (Pugix & DFA) - CS-80 Resonant Filter with modifications - this BOM is for the modifications

MOTM-485 - GX-1 VCF

MOTM-490 - Micro VCF

MOTM-510 - WaveWarper

MOTM-700 - Dual 2:1 Voltage-Controller Router

MOTM-800 - Envelope Generator

MOTM-820 - Lag Processor

MOTM-830 - Dual-Mode Mixer

Cat Girl Synth

as part of CGS 26&34 / Pugix Multiple

CGS-26 - Analog Logic

CGS-34 - Analog Shift Register

Active Ring Modulator

Tube VCA

Dragonfly Alley

DFA 930 - Inverters / Multiples

Ian Fritz

Ian Fritz - Through Zero (TZ} VCO "Teezer"

Jürgen Haible

Frequency Shifter

Krautrock Phaser

Interpolating Scanner and Chorus / Vibrato

Living VCO with MFOS Waveshapers

Polymoog Resonator Clone

Son of Storm Tide Flanger

String Filter

Subtle Chorus with DIM-D and DIM-D Effects

Tau Pipe Phaser

Triple Chorus

Oakley Music Systems

OMS - MOTM820 Sister Module

OMS - Envelope Follower / Gate

OMS - Triple VCA


Polivoks Filter

Music from Outer Space

MFOS - Stereo Panner


TLN861 - "Dunsel"

TLN863 - "Max / Min"

TLN867 - Tuner

TLN904 - "Veeblefetzer"

Yves Yuson

Control Voltage Standards

EMS Diode Ladder Filter

"Stock" Filter Bank

Modified, 22 band Fixed Filter Bank

Minimoog Transistor Ladder Filter


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