This site is reproduced here for informational purposes - its content is essential for the construction of his modules.

Jürgen Haible

Welcome to my homepage about electronic musical instruments.

Some rackmount stuff left for sale here.

Farfisa VIP 500 Modifications

JH PolyKorg Clone
(inspired by Korg PS-3200)
For sale - contact me if interested
JH Matrix FX Synthesizer

JH-5 MOTM / Moog style synthesizer


Projects with PCBs:

String Filter (with PCBs)
Triple Chorus (to emulate a Solina (TM) ) (with PCBs)
Frequency Shifter FS-1A (with PCBs)
Compact Clone "Schulze / TD / Krautrock Phaser" (with PCBs)

Redesign of Tau Pipe Flanger/Phaser (with PCBs)
Interpolating Scanner
Scanner Chorus/Vibrato
Subtle Chorus
Living VCOs
Variable Slope Filter / Phaser
36dB / Oct LPF (6-pole-Filter)
Son Of Storm Tide Flanger
Polymoog® Resonator
("Moog" is a registered Trademarkof Moog Mucic ( "Polymoog", as far as I know, is not. If you think this infringes anybody's rights, please contact me at, and I'll remove it immediately.)

Trapezoid VCA
Fixed Filter Bank (With real or electronic inductors)
In Debugging State: Living Vocoder (20-Band Vocoder)

More Projects I've built on Veroboard
Transient Gate

LA2A-Style Optoelectronic Compressor

The old Scanner Vibrato


Yamaha CS-50 / CS-60 / CS-80 synthesizers

Quantec QRS Raumsimulator


Studio Photos

Modular Synthesizers 
JH-1 /-2 /-3

Polyphonic Synthesizer 

Wasp Filter Clone Neptune Phaser Frequency Shifter

some pictures

 my home-built modulars

my Four-Voice project

wasp filter neptune phaser old frequency shifter 
NEW frequency shifter FS-1A



JH-720 Solo Synthesizer

Storm Tide Flanger

Wave Shapers

Interface for Quantec QRS UREI  1176 stereo clone (Extended) EMS VCS3 clone clone


jh. storm tide flanger


jh. qrs interface jh_compressor synthi_clone


Modifications for commercial products

Might work on many other devices, too. All you need is a LED that flashes with the beat ...