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Tellun 712 - Doomsday Machine

July 2007 -

The Tellun 712 "Doomsday Machine"

We've started this page way before we'll get to building the module because our first challenge is designing a panel for it.  See - the panel has a long lead-time and so we want to get the design done early.

On Scott's site, he shows his 3U wide front panel design. It employs smaller knobs and a closer than standard MOTM jack spacing.

Will and I wanted a standard MOTM panel, so we came up with an initial design which Scott was kind enough to review and made suggestions for its improvement.  The resultant 5U wide panel has two distinct advantages. It's got more space around the knobs and is standard knob and jack spacing. But moreover, it has space for the four jacks Scott says he left out of the 3U design - the SINE jacks. The disadvantage is, of course, it takes up 5 Units of space. In our case, we're not worried about that.

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