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History - the genesis of our design

Stand Design - our design drawings


In the way-back time of 2005 when we had first decided to build our analog synth - and we decided to base our synth on Synthesis Technology components - we, of course, anticipated needing a MIDI keyboard controller to work in conjunction with the MOTM-650 MIDI-CV converter.  So we got hold of a CME-UF7 (then rather new - now already an antique) and a heavy-duty On Stage stand to hold it.  Thing is, we wanted to have it on wheels so we could move it easily.  So we designed a dolly thing with heavy, large wheels.

the CME UF7

the On Stage DV016

Stand Design

We designed it so that the keys, in the stand's lowest position, would be 24 inches off the floor.

our design





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